Cloud 9 Wedding Videography

Cloud 9 Wedding Videography

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - Dr. Suess

I love that quote from Dr. Suess. Weddings are all about love, family, and friends. I started Cloud 9 Wedding Videography because I love to capture unique and special moments on film. Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with photography and video. When I was in high school, I would often make these funny short videos and edit them on VHS tapes. (Yup, no digital back then!) Today, with numerous film and video projects such as covering the Sundance Film Festival, I’ve decided to use the power of film to capture wedding days.

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Affordable Wedding Videography

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Easy To Work With

Sure, a may be an awesome wedding videographer, but am I easy to work with? Yes! Being comfortable with your wedding videographer is extremely important for things to run smooth. This is especially true when working alongside a wedding photographer.

I Enjoy What I Do

Filming weddings is honestly so fun for me. This is also important when hiring a videographer. When someone enjoys their job, their finished project often shows their passion and dedication. When you hire me for your wedding day, you’ll find I take my job seriously without being uptight.

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Cloud 9 Wedding Videography is an affordable and simple solution for brides and grooms. Filming weddings throughout Bellingham and Northern Washington, Cloud 9 offers professional, eye-catching, and non-intrusive filming during your special day.


Amber H.
Amber H.Bride
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"Selecting you as our videographer is one of the best wedding investments we made!"
Madison K.
Madison K.Bride
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"On the wedding day we had John and he showed up right on time and did a perfect job capturing all the moments without knocking heads with our photographers."
Paul H.
Paul H.Groom
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"This was one of the best vendors we had (i.e. so easy to work with and super flexible for a great price)."
Regan A.
Regan A.Bride
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"John is such a professional and has created an heirloom masterpiece for my husband and I."
Steve M.
Steve M.Groom
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"John and Cloud 9 has the ability to capture, not only the beauty of my wife- but the love and emotion of our day."